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Redefining the Future of Automotive Technology

World Champions 2023

@ the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


Sunswift Racing is incredibly proud to have finished 1st Place in the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class. We would like to thank all competitors for a fantastic competition. 

What is Sunswift Racing?


Sunswift Racing is a team of innovators working to redefine the future of sustainable transport through the research and development of world class prototype electric cars. Whilst Sunswift is best known for its success in the World Solar Challenge, we also focus on progressing technology through partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders.

Based in Sydney, Australia since 1996, Sunswift has built seven solar vehicles, with the eighth currently in production. Over this time, Sunswift has seen success in numerous solar vehicle races and holds records with the FIA and Guinness World Records.

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